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About Us

About Us

About LDC

The Longview Dream Center is focused on providing basic needs such as emergency food, clothing, hygiene products, necessary household items including furniture, small kitchen appliances, dishes and more. These items help provide stability, emotional wellness, and a fresh start for individuals and families who are struggling to provide basic needs for themselves or their household. Our team loves to serve each client with personalized love and support based on the needs of the individual or family.


The Longview Dream Center exists to provide basic needs to those experiencing a crisis or hardship for the people of Longview and the greater East Texas region.


Our mission is to unite volunteers and resources to help meet the needs of those experiencing a hardship or crisis while serving our city and the East Texas region.


Thomas McDaniels founded the Longview Dream Center in 2013. For more than 40 years, Pastor Tom has fed the hungry, helped the hurting, and served the city of Longview, Texas with excellence and a generous spirit. He opened the first physical location on April 1, 2014 on Gilmer Road in Longview, Texas.

The Longview Dream Center was established as a 501c3 non-profit organization. It is recognized by the IRS and all donations that comply with IRS regulations are tax deductible. We have an active Board of Directors and have immediate plans to expand our board.

Plans & Growth

We will unite a team of people who desire to see and initiate change in Longview and the surrounding cities. We have the will, and the way is set before us. All we need to do is unite, plan and act.

Help for the Hurting

Our world is in a state of crisis and constant change. The needs are overwhelming and continue to grow. We must take action to assist the needs of our community.

Financial Support

The Longview Dream Center receives support from generous people and businesses such as Wells Fargo Philanthropy, Charlene Ingram State Farm Insurance, and several individual donors including hundreds of thrift store donors. Miscellaneous community grants also help support our programs and services. The entire budget of LDC is supported by the generous donations of individuals, churches, organizations and various businesses.

Volunteers and Support

You can help! Your volunteer efforts can make a difference. You can get involved by sharing your time, talents, and treasure to help meet the needs of individuals and families going through a crisis or experiencing a hardship. We are stronger by utilizing resources throughout the community to fill the gaps in service. It truly does take all of us!

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